Zane Tabari

Facilities Associate

Life Story

I was born in San Jose, California, and lived there until 2005. I was baptized in the church as an infant but knew nothing of Jesus growing up. I have a vague memory of going to Sunday school when I was very young, but my formative years were spent without religion. My earliest memory of anything having to do with God was seeing my grandmother read the Bible at around the age of 5 or 6.

I married my wife, Meghan, in 2001, and we made the move to Texas with two kids, two cars and hopes of having a big house and great life. But God had different plans. After four years of living a life that was anything but righteous, the fabric of our world began to crumble. God began to take things away from us—house, cars, material things. He stripped us of all we had, leaving just Him and Him alone. At first I was reluctant, skeptical and scared. But He began to woo me; He began to light me up in a way I had never been lit before.

In 2009, Meghan joined a Home Group and invited me to come. We had been attendees at The Village Church since 2006, but we just went to listen to Matt Chandler preach and didn't really get involved. It was at that point that I began to loosen my grip. I began to turn everything over to God. I was ferocious for the Lord and wanted to read and listen to everything I could get my hands on.

In 2011, I finally surrendered. I knew His way was better than mine. I knew He was sufficient. I was baptized in 2011, at the age of 45, in Grapevine Lake. I knew my life would never be the same. I knew I had been made new by the blood of Jesus.

Meghan and I live in Highland Village with our three children: Morgan, Shayda and Jackson.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a people marked by kindness, that we would seek to serve rather than be served, seek Jesus in everything and love Him with all our hearts and all our souls and all our minds (Mark 12:30).

Central Office

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