Morgan Marshall

Associate Middle School Minister

Life Story

I grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado, where my parents faithfully taught me and my younger brother about God and demonstrated His love to us regularly. Our family attended every church gathering for as long as I can remember. When I was 5 years old, I remember praying to receive Christ as my Savior, recognizing that I am a sinner with a sick heart. Although I was young, I believe God saved me at this age and has continued to sanctify me since, allowing me to grow in my understanding of who He is and my desperate need for His salvation.

During middle school, I challenged what I believed by making my faith my own. I started living for Christ, memorizing His Word, and I desired to share God with my friends. My youth pastor had a huge impact on me in these years. He challenged me to seek out answers in the Bible on my own and taught me how to study God’s Word. This growth continued to develop as I spent my summers at a camp in Woodland Park, Colorado, where I witnessed God’s saving grace in the lives of children and students regularly. These years in middle and high school truly shaped my view of both God and the Church. God instilled a deep desire within me to see my generation—and younger generations—come to know, love and worship Him.

After high school, I moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma, to attend Oklahoma Baptist University. While there, I witnessed the faithfulness of God in numerous ways, allowing my trust in Him to deepen. Although I initially thought I would work in education after graduating from OBU, God led me in a new direction. I submitted to God’s calling into student ministry, and God faithfully led me to The Village Church. My understanding of God, Scripture, Christianity and the Church were deepened and defined as I began a new community in Texas. It has been a joy to see the ways the Lord is moving among the younger generations, and God has given me a specific desire to see the students in this area come to know Him as the one true God.

Hope for The Village Church

I pray that The Village is a place of rest, transparency and encouragement as the gospel is proclaimed without hindrance and where all generations come to know, love and worship God.