Jenny Kisner

Elementary Minister

Life Story

I grew up in a small West Virginia town where God graciously surrounded me with people who loved Him and served Him with their lives. I do not remember ever doubting Jesus was God's Son, sent to earth as a payment for our sin, and I do remember the constant tug on my heart as a child that my belief in Him wasn’t supposed to be private, but that it should be public for all to see. At 9 years old, I took the step of faith to tell the world and my heavenly Father that I did believe in Him and knew that He died for my sin. I spent the next 15 years trying to show God I loved Him by being the "good-Christian girl." That was what I thought mattered.

God gripped my heart in deep and somewhat painful ways during my mid-twenties, and He helped me truly see the depths of my own sinfulness and the greatness of His love for me. He helped me see that His love for me was a gift, and I could not do anything to deserve it. He is still helping me to see His love for me and how He is glorified when I am living from an overflow of that love and my trust in Him.

From a very early age, God also began growing in me a love for children and families. For many years, I was hoping to one day be a pediatrician so that I could help kids to not “hurt.” However, during my junior year at Marshall University, God began to show me that my heart for kids was for a different purpose—He was the ultimate solution for any hurt they may experience, and I could help them know and experience His love for them.

God opened doors for me to go to seminary and work within the local church to prepare and equip me to pour into children and parents, so they could grow together in their relationships with God and with each other.

Just a few years ago, God brought Colten into my life, and it wasn't long before I realized he was the reason God had allowed me to be single for so long. Colten and I married in 2014, and we were blessed to serve together on a church staff in West Virginia. I am grateful for the life and ministry partner God has given to me in Colten, as God is continually using Colten to point my heart and mind to Jesus and to remind me to find my satisfaction and joy in Christ.

We are also thankful to see how God is working in the lives of our family, including nine nieces and nephews, whom we love dearly!

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that, just like those whose stories we read in God's Word, the people of The Village will see their lives in the context of God's love and redemption and share that experience with those they encounter each day. I hope the families of The Village will grow in their relationships with God and each other, so they can be examples of God's work to the world around them.