Chris Crisante

Production Manager

Life Story

I was born in Orlando, Florida, and cannot remember a moment where I was not with my parents at the church. The Lord graciously saved me at the young age of 7. I moved to Austin, Texas, in 2010 and began learning about the world of production. My sophomore year of high school, I began volunteering at a church where I would eventually be called to full-time vocational ministry.

After working there for awhile, the Lord called me to a worship production residency at The Austin Stone Community Church. It was there that I heard about The Village. Upon completion of my residency, I was led to The Village and now serve as the audio engineer for the Fort Worth campus.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village as a community of believers is that we would lift the name of Jesus above all, that we would be saturated by the love of Christ and be a church that continues to point others back to that love in everything we do.