TVCI offers several forums each year to provide opportunities for the whole church to be trained in an essential area of discipleship. In addition to providing solid training, forums also offer a good introduction to TVCI programming for both members and visitors.

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Past Forums

In Light of Hope

In the midst of a chaotic and confusing culture, how can the people of God live in light of hope? Dr. Russell Moore, author of The Courage to Stand, teaches on ethics and the way Christians should conduct themselves according to 1 Peter.

Depression and Anxiety Among Women

Leslie Vernick, LCSW, teaches on how anxiety and depression affect women specifically and how they can navigate these realities.

Women Under Stress

As believers, asking the right questions helps us respond well as we navigate the stressors of life. Jen Wilkin and Summer Vinson Berger (LPC-S) lead a discussion on how women can handle stress and answer important questions.

Indwelt: Understanding the Spirit

Dr. Gregg Allison, professor of theology at Southern Seminary, teaches on the Holy Spirit's role in the Christian life.

Sabbath: Rest for the Soul

Jada Edwards, an experienced Bible teacher and author, teaches on the Sabbath and how to find rest for the soul.

The Cross and the Christian Life

Ligon Duncan, Chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, teaches on the biblical theology of the Atonement and how the cross applies to our daily lives.

Even Better Than Eden

Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author of Even Better Than Eden, teaches on how God’s plan for creation transforms our lives in the here and now.

The Tech-Wise Family

Do you ever think about your relationship to technology? Have you allowed it to take over your routine and can’t imagine life without it? Regardless of your personal experience, technology is changing us. Andy Crouch, author of The Tech-Wise Family, discusses insights from his book and the consequences technology may have for us as individuals and families.

The Kingdom of God

Many traditional approaches to evangelism focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While this is vital to the Christian faith, the kingdom of God is the greater story of how He accomplishes His redemption of the world. Teaching from the Gospels, Dr. Jonathan Pennington talks about the importance of understanding the gospel in light of the kingdom.

What Is Islam?

With the rise of Islam in recent years, it is imperative that Christians better understand what Islam is as they interact with and serve the Muslim community. Afshin Ziafat, lead pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, shares wisdom and truth as he explains the Islam faith and how Christians can engage Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Know Your Bible

We all want to know our Bible better. By using the steps of comprehension, interpretation, and application, Bible teacher and author Jen Wilkin shows us how everyone has the ability to learn and grow in biblical literacy.

Sharing Your Faith

For us to grasp the importance of evangelism, we need to understand what’s at stake. Teaching from the book of Romans, Zane Pratt talks about the importance of sharing your faith and shares practical ways to do so.

Is Christianity Dying?

In America, Christians are no longer the “moral majority.” In a time of radical societal shift, how should Christians engage in the public arenas of politics, ethics, and other areas of culture? President of the ERLC Dr. Russell Moore discusses these topics from his 2015 book, Onward.

Is God Anti-Gay?

Pastor and author Sam Allberry shows us what God says throughout the Scriptures about homosexuality and discusses how Christians should minister to those who experience same-sex attraction.