Why Do We Have the Village Institute?

The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

1 Timothy 1:5

The Village Church Institute exists to answer the question, “How can the local church effectively form disciples through transformational learning environments?” TVCI seeks to do that through a variety of environments, from one-time forums to a year-long intensive discipleship program, all centered on Christian story, Christian beliefs and Christian formation.

Our Team

Institute - 2019 - Website - Staff - Mason.jpg

Mason King

Executive Director, Institute

Institute - 2019 - Website - Staff - Jen.jpg

Jen Wilkin

Executive Director, Family, Next Gen Ministries & Resources

Institute - 2021 - Website - Staff - Garrick.jpg

Garrick Bailey

Institute Minister

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Nathan Campbell

Institute Minister

Institute - 2021 - Website - Staff - Anna.jpg

Anna Rae

Executive Assistant to Mason King / Institute Ministry Assistant

Why is theology important to the local church?

"Rather than a subject reserved for biblical scholars, theology is essential in the life of all disciples. It should be highly valued as something that not only informs the mind, but also the heart."

Why create learning environments within the church?

Active, dedicated learning environments provide spaces where the primary goal can be learning. While they undoubtedly value community and accountability, their primary purpose is to take a deep dive into your Bible, theology and doctrine."

Why have single-gender learning environments?

"Though mixed-gender learning environments certainly have a valuable place in the life of the church, single-gender environments present unique opportunities for learning, leadership and transparency."

Why is Bible literacy vital for the local church?

"In the post-Christian culture we find ourselves in today, it’s more important than ever for believers to have a firsthand knowledge of their Bibles. The local church plays a vital role in equipping its people with this deep knowledge of their Bibles."