Randle Bishop

Church Planter

Life Story

I was raised in Lewisville, Texas. My mother was a believer, but my father died when I was 3 years old from a heroin overdose. My mother raised me with the help of her sisters and friends, for which I am truly grateful. I relate to the story of Timothy in the Bible, whose mother’s faith was a precursor to his own. While growing up, we were members of the St. Andrew’s Church of God in Christ. 

I was baptized at an early age, but I never understood the significance of the whole event, and I didn’t live as a true Christian. At the age of 13, the rebellion in my heart began to fully manifest itself. I lived a sinful life that brought much guilt to my conscience. Whenever I thought about God or His Word, a heavy guilt would come upon my heart. 

I attended Texas Southern University after graduating high school. Shortly after starting college, I was placed on academic suspension. I came to a crossroads and did not know what to do with my life. None of the allurements of the world seemed to satisfy my heart. I believe God used this combination of a convicted conscience and a dissatisfied heart to help me see my need for Him. God gave me faith to believe in what Jesus did to save sinners. I remember confessing my sins and asking God to forgive and save me. He did. I'm now a walking testimony to the mercy and kindness of God.

Hope for The Village Church

I hope that The Village can continue to be a beacon of light for decades to come, modeling what churches should be like by being sacrificial and faithful. Most of all, I hope The Village continues to be steadfast and in love with the Word of God. May the Lord bless and grant grace to the church’s leaders and members for the good of their souls and for His glory!