Rachel Gillespie

Connections Associate

Life Story

I’m a Michigan girl who recently made the jump to living in Texas! I grew up in the most incredible family, and I am so grateful to have parents in full-time ministry who have modeled the gospel for me since I was born. I became a Christian when I was a very small kid, and I truly believe that my sins were forgiven at that moment. However, the journey of becoming more like Jesus proved to be a long and challenging road.

When I was young, I tried my best to be a good, moral kid and found my worth in my own righteousness. In college, I wrestled through a lot of false narratives, and the idols of control, comfort, and perfection are still things I battle consistently. As a freshman in college, I wrestled with doubt, some anxiety and depression, dark nights and long days—things I had never experienced before.

While I would never want to relive those days, the Holy Spirit did some of His most profound work in my life then. In my desperation, fear, and confusion, after many weeks, I found the Lord to indeed be near, kind, and holding all things together. This season of pain gave me a new found empathy for others who were struggling and wondering where God was. Now, my life is one of celebrating—people, birthdays, stories, moments, lives, and most importantly, God the Father, Son, and Spirit and abundant life in Him!

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would truly look like Jesus; that we would care for the left out and lonely, that we would be humble and not defensive, and that people would see the way we live and choose to worship God with us.