Steven Prinsen


Life Story

At 6 years old, in the basement of our home in Minnesota, I snipped the cord of my older brother's Nintendo controller and lied about it. After seeing my younger brother take the punishment for it, the Sunday school stories I had heard before became an uncomfortable reality. My bruises were taken by another. If I was separated from my own brother because of this one lie, surely I was separated from God for every lie I had told. Knowing that following Jesus was the only way to reconcile with God, I sought His forgiveness and determined that I would follow Jesus with my whole life.

I continued to seek after Him, and in high school and college, He delivered me from a prison of addiction by turning my gaze upon the goodness of Jesus. The summer before graduating from the University of Minnesota, I spent a couple months with a friend rebuilding homes in Peru in response to a national crisis. While there, I met a girl from Austin, Texas, and after a couple of years or Skype and frequent flights, we were married.

A storm quickly crept into our marriage, however, and after five years, we were divorced. Amidst the pain and confusion, the Holy Spirit proved Himself my only stay. I felt the Father's nearness as He comforted me. With counsel and care, He led me out of that valley and into sunny, green meadows by painting a picture for me of the worth of His kingdom and beckoning me to run after it.

I soon happened upon a community of others in Austin who were laboring to see Jesus known and named in places and among people where He was not. It ignited desires God had begun in my heart so many years before. Suddenly, I was joyfully leaving behind eight years in a career I loved in order to join in the harvest and see all the earth hear the greatest truth that has ever been known: that God is like Christ.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be marked as a people after God's own heart for His glory among all peoples, tribes, and languages, until Jesus' return.