Brittany Garringer

Groups Minister

Life Story

I grew up in New Mexico and was raised in a very spiritually minded home; my brother and I were encouraged to seek out our own way of living and our parents told us to always ask questions and to seek out truth through many different avenues.

As a child I grew up with constant pain in and around my knee. It wasn't until I was 12 years old that I discovered that I had a large tumor in my left leg. I saw the pain of this information break the hearts of my parents and I became a "fixer." I began a sinful mission to "protect" the people that I loved from pain due to my illness.

On night in high school, I went to youth with a girl in my dance company who pestered me. That night a girl shared her testimony; nothing really resembled my life at all except that she was a sinner in need of salvation. It was as if a bomb went off in my heart. I realized that sin was not only something that I did, but that I AM a sinner; it is the fabric of my flesh. In that moment Jesus revealed Himself to me, and I could not resist the beauty of His mercy toward me. After that, it became clear how much of my life needed to be reconciled in light of the gospel.

I graduated high school and moved to the great state of Texas to attend college at the University of North Texas. I started attending The Village the second week I was at school and loved it. I started getting involved with the Connecting Ministry by being a part of the Welcome Team and other ministries. In my junior year of college, I discovered that my tumors had come back and multiplied. It was strongly encouraged that I have another surgery. I looked forward to this surgery and was told it would be quick with a quick recovery. That was not the case; I woke up in a world that I didn't recognize. I felt abandoned, alone, and angry but I kept silent. God allowed me to walk in this distrust and unbelief and used that dark season of life to call me out of religion and into life in Christ. It was such a difficult and stagnant time, but God has redeemed those empty days by His grace and mercy. God has given me a sense of urgency about getting people plugged into life at The Village, and I have been so blessed to be able to be a part of this place in this capacity.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would constantly strive to be a place that is authentic and honest. That a passion for loving our neighbors would grow each day and our curiosity for Truth would never become stagnant. I hope for The Village to be a church that is challenging, gracious and biblically unwavering.