Deanna Mitchell

Operations Director

Life Story

I had the great blessing of being raised in a family that honored God’s Word and instilled in me the joy of fellowship with God’s people. I came to know Jesus Christ as Savior early in life and had the benefit of brothers and sisters in Christ committed to my discipleship. After several wandering teen years, I came to know God’s mercy and grace in deeply personal ways. 

After leaving home to begin my own family, the Holy Spirit often reminded me to rest in the hands of the Father through every twist and turn of life. Having four children at a very young age and walking alongside my husband through 23 years of active duty military service provided many opportunities to trust in the Lord. Through homeschooling, military trainings and deployments and too many moves around the world to count, I have seen God’s faithfulness in amazing and abundant ways. 

My family and I have begun the next chapter of life with my husband now retired from the Army. Our oldest daughter is married and growing her own family, our two middle children are in college and our youngest is in high school. I firmly believe that the prayers of my mom and sisters ushered us back to Texas, and we are thrilled to plant our roots here at The Village.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would be a community of believers that grow together in Christ as we see Him more fully and beautifully in God’s Word. As we are changed more fully into to His likeness, may we reflect the kingdom of God in our community.