Robert Lusk

Facilities Associate

Life Story

I moved to Texas from New Mexico in the 70's with my family. My mom and Dad soon divorced. Trying to fit in somewhere I fell into a life of drugs. I thought it was all a party until I was 18. Then I started doing speed. The next 20 years were a bunch of bad relationships and bad decisions leading to rehab and jail.

In 2001 I had enough. It was time to quit. I got out of jail and hitch hiked from Cedar Creek to Dallas. I didn't have a background in church, but as I was hitch hiking from Cedar Creek the verse "seek and you shall find" kept playing over and over in my mind. I went to Dallas Life rehab and on Christmas Eve got saved. I was feeling sick that evening. Bobby Worthington spoke and gave an invitation and I went down. I surrendered my life to the Lord. God had put me in rehab where I heard the word of God and he moved in my life. Romans 5:8 came alive for me. It still humbles me to think that he died for me, a drug addict. I went through their recovery program, and I started growing in my walk - hanging out at the facility allowed for a time to be influenced by good, godly men.

I soon became employed with First Baptist Dallas. I got married to a girl named Debbie, and in June of 2009, I began to work for The Village at the Dallas Northway campus. Now my life has a purpose and a direction. God has blessed me with a family and a life I thought I'd never have. If life was any better, I'd be in heaven.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would humbly serve the people with compassion and humility and meet them where they're at.

Central Office

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