Jason Holleman

Recovery Minister

Life Story

I vividly remember, just about 15 years ago, when I didn't believe. I remember that the things of God were foolish and made no sense. Likewise, I remember the day of, and the days after, belief. I have been changed and continue to be amazed by what the Lord is doing both in the slow process of sanctification and in changing my affections for Him. My story begins with working vocationally for the church where I was given faith and later discipled. Then, a few years, a camping ministry, and a couple of church staff's later, here we are at The Village.

Kristyn and I came to The Village in 2007 leaving a church in the East Texas area that we just loved and were loved. I started as Pastor to Students and left as Pastor of Discipleship. It was a formative time where I was able to develop community and begin my calling to working with those who need greater focus on Christ and His teachings.

The Village community represents to Kristyn and me a reuniting of many of our oldest friends we have been walking with since college. Being able to reunite in the same covenant community, watch our families grow together, and serve in ministry is something that produces great gratitude within us.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village Church is that we would be faithful, and that the Lord would come quickly.