Wilson Peppard


Life Story

I was saved during a Pine Cove elementary retreat. Though I remember little about that weekend, by God’s goodness, I have a distinct memory of feeling convicted of my sin and praying for God's grace.

The following 25 years of my life have been a process of God sanctifying me through many means, including great mentors while attending Texas A&M University. I am now married to an amazing woman, Annalisa, and have two kids.

Hope for The Village Church

I desire for The Village to be used by God to fulfill the Great Commission in Fort Worth and to the ends of the earth. My hope is that The Village can be a family of believers who love their city well, live in community, seek to disciple and be discipled in God's love, and steward our resources well. More specifically, I hope that we can position ourselves to speak and be a light to the social and political issues of the day, in order to show that the love, joy and unity that this world seeks can only be fulfilled by the grace shown to us through Jesus Christ.