Sean Kelly

Associate Preschool Minister

Life Story

I was just another Southlake kid at Sky Ranch summer camp when Christ saved me. During Bible study, a handful of college students faithfully shared the gospel with me, and I trusted in the righteous life, substitutionary death and life-winning resurrection of Jesus Christ for salvation from my sin!

After nearly a decade of understanding and trusting the Lord, I sadly began believing a lie, convincing myself that I was unlovable and unwanted. I began the futile search of looking for the love I already had in all the wrong places. It wasn’t until my first year of college that I was forcefully reminded of the love, identity and life that were mine in Christ. So I prayed to God with hesitancy, hoping He might want me back. Truly, the love of the Father came running as reassurance and comfort embraced me by His Spirit.

Strengthened by His mercy and love, I came bounding back into both obedience and life. I joined a Christian fraternity (Beta Upsilon Chi), signed up for a church small group and spent every summer for the next five years as a counselor at Sky Ranch, engaging kids with the good news of God’s mercy and love.

I met my wife, Riley, while we were both in our church’s college ministry. I was drawn to her character and proudly married her in June of 2014. That summer, we moved back to the Metroplex to discern a ministry calling via The Village’s internship program and the rest is history!

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that men and women of all ages would be intentionally confronted with the life-giving and powerful gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that every sinner that walks through our doors would be comforted by the unwavering love and mercy of God.