Jeff Jamison

Spiritual Formation Pastor

Life Story

I grew up in a typical middle-class family. Christ was not proclaimed in my home, although we did attend First United Methodist in downtown Fort Worth. During my time in church, I don't recall ever hearing the gospel. And by the time I was in high school, my family stopped going to church altogether.

During my freshman year at Texas A&M University, any moral restraint I had was gone. I started indulging in the lusts of my flesh. But God was already at work, even in my ignorance. My roommate, a believer, was very patient with my antics and the depravity I brought into our dorm room. He invited me to the ABS (Association of Baptist Students), and, after turning him down several times, I finally gave in and slowly befriended more believers. The Holy Spirit started stirring my heart.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior while on an ABS ski trip during my sophomore year and I stumbled my way through the rest of college as a young believer. I had great friends and godly teaching at church, but my life was still marked by distrust that the gospel could deeply penetrate my heart in lasting change.

In 2000, I moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, for a job. My three years there were marked by severe backsliding. The difference from before my salvation was that I was now aware of how miserable I was. I cried out to God, but without community to build me up, I quickly fell right back into my routine.

Ready to leave this dark place, the Lord provided me with an opportunity to move back home to Fort Worth. I ignorantly believed moving would make all my struggles disappear. Of course, my thinking was terribly flawed. But the Lord stirred in me a desire to find a church home. I started to attend Christ Chapel Bible Church and immediately felt it was where I needed to be—a gospel­-preaching, Bible­-believing community of saints.

The Lord used my new brothers in my circle to foster deeper gospel-centered community. I began to slowly confess my sin, and—with that—light began to shine in the dark places of my heart.

My wonderful wife, Molly, and I have two sons, Jack and Owen. We came to The Village and are now Covenant Members at the Fort Worth campus, serving as Home Group leaders and Recovery Groups leaders.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we live out the gospel in all aspects of our lives.