Joshua Heenehan

Local Missions Minister

Life Story

My story is one marked by the faithfulness of God. My parents raised my two brothers and me with a general understanding of God and, though they were not Christians, taught us to love and care for others. By the time I was seven, our family had moved from Washington to North Carolina to northern California. There, we met a loving, Christian family that lived down the street. The husband, Frosty, was an elder at a local church. He and his wife, Sue, diligently loved and shared the gospel with my parents, and after two years, we began attending their church.

Growing up, I distinctly remember the desire to be approved of and affirmed by others. This led me to find my identity in the affirmation and acceptance of my family, other adults and my peers. I frequently changed my actions to best earn the acceptance and affection of others. Though I sought to control my life and the perception I gave to others, I remember a deep and abiding fear of losing their affection and acceptance.

At the age of 12, the message of the gospel took root, and the Lord saved me. The next five years of my life were marked by significant growth as I sought to follow Christ. Yet, I battled with my identity that was so rooted in earning the acceptance of others—and now the acceptance of God. I was stuck in a cycle of seeking my own desires, asking for forgiveness and failing to turn away from my sin, all while desperately pleading with the Lord to not abandon me. I became too scared to confess my sins to others out of fear that I would lose their acceptance.

We moved to Texas when I was 14, and at 17, I started attending The Village Church. For the first time, I was continually shown the grace and love of God and the beauty of deep community. I learned to set my mind on Christ and abide in Him to put my sin to death and bear fruit.

After high school, I began to serve in Student Ministry at the Flower Mound campus. The Lord quickly sparked a love for ministry and a desire to see students look to Christ as the author and perfecter of their faith. Here I continue to learn to die to myself, boast in my weakness and in His strength, and rejoice in the finished work of Christ!

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we would be disciple-making disciples who live out of the realities of the gospel as people overjoyed to freely, faithfully and ferociously pursue the kingdom of God and see those who are lost reconciled to Him. I hope that as others encounter the people of The Village, they would be confronted by the love, power and glory of God as He works in and through us to push back the domain of darkness and bring forth the kingdom of His beloved Son.