Ryane Williamson

Resources Director

Life Story

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, being a Christian was something I didn’t think twice about—it was a given. Though my parents modeled an authentic and faithful relationship with the Lord and our church, I attended every Sunday far more from a place of following directions and abiding by routine than a desire to learn about the gospel.

Starting when I was 8, I spent two weeks each summer at camp and began to understand my need for Jesus. One night, praying with my counselor, I professed Jesus as my Savior. I participated in the old tradition of ringing a bell that could be heard throughout the camp and heard my brothers and sisters cheering as they welcomed their new sister into the family of Christ.

From that point on, I considered myself a believer. I learned about grace and mercy and how undeserving I was of each. But through various trials, I struggled with anger and doubt in the Lord. I wrestled with questions of God’s goodness and love for me, but He used friends and family to keep me near to Him, despite my best attempts to wander.

After moving to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University, it was up to me to choose a church and continue pursuing my faith. That choice represented and led to a new season, where I truly felt both freedom and confidence in where I saw the Lord calling me. My relationship with Him deepened immensely in those five years as I studied His Word and learned about true gospel community.

Now, I’ve been living in Dallas and attending the Dallas Northway campus for almost three years. I’ve seen the Lord use this church as a means to push and grow me through things like my Home Group and Steps. I’m eager to see the plans He has for me as I transition from corporate communications to being on staff here at The Village. I’m thankful for another opportunity to trust that His plans and promises for me are “yes and amen.”

Hope for The Village Church

My hope for The Village is that we would continue to equip our body to faithfully and boldly proclaim the gospel across DFW, our nation and the globe. I pray we would continue to be a place that not only brings people in, but also one that consistently sends people out.